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Welcome to MENSWORK

MENSWORK provides mindful counselling for men in Dublin and personal leadership programmes for men both in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

                                         Counselling for Men

Menswork provides a trusted, safe and confidential place to talk in your way.

Listening, and understanding are provided to support you through difficult times, in relationships, in work stresses, and in health and life changes.

Counselling is by appointment at 7, Mount Street Crescent, Dublin 2, opposite the Pepper Canister Church. Tel 01 2962839 0r text "men" to 086 8206358.

                                   Personal Leadership for Men

Personal leadership courses are offered to help men find more meaningful roles in life inspired by our true male generativity rather than by what's automatically expected of us.

                                        MENSWORK serves to:

  • provide a confidential place to talk when we are not sure what to do
  • assist men to take care of our health;
  • better manage work and life stresses;
  • assist men to express and manage our feelings;
  • be Father and Teacher to our sons;
  • pursue peace and non-violence;
  • communicate and to relate in a cooperative and egalitarian spirit;
  • to develop our generative masculinity.


                                 Saturday March 21st 2015. 

                                 Saturday May  8th 2015

                               7, Mount Street Crescent Dublin 2.

"Try not to become a man of success, rather become a man of value"
-Albert Einstein.


Tel: 01 2962839 email
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