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MENSWORK helps release the courage, the authenticity, communication skills, wisdom, respect, and, zest for life that is within all men. It releases the stresses of trying to be who we are not. It bridges the gap between who you feel you are and what you do in the real world.

MENSWORK is offered in two forms: individual counselling and group workshops (personal leadership).

Counselling for men is different. The Menswork approach understands and addresses the underlying causes of life difficulties common to many men. It helps men overcome the pressures to perform, to be successful at any cost, to find their own way of communicating in relationships, to be more fulfilled and healthy. It encourages the emergence of our specific male voice in the world.

Counselling is a quiet, safe and totally confidential process. A place where you will never be judged and where you set the agenda.

It supports you in feeling and dealing with the huftful parts of life that we all can have. It helps you to learn healthier skills in communicating and relating with all the important people in our families and work.

You may be experiencing an immediate crisis such as a separation or a bereavement, or, there may be longer term patterns that you now know do not work for you but that need some help to change. The number of sessions you will have is individual and will depend on the nature of the immediate or longer term issues

Ultimately the purpose of counselling is to help you become the man you truly are.

The Group Workshops support men to develop our generative masculinity. They instill the courage to engage with feelings. They restore the sense and value of being male. They teach the skills to engage with life through co-operation and respect, through service, rather than competition and control.

See the Personal Leadership page for more imformatiom on the group work.

"Masculinity is not something given to you, something you were born with, but something you gain…..And you gain it by winning small battles with honour" Norman Mailer


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