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What Some Men have said about MENSWORK:

"I loved yesterday in Chrysalis, driving back home with some of the men has left me with a real sense that they too got something special from the day and even from their struggle to be there"

"The way you worked landed gently on me and made it easy to be at ease and open"

"You have provided an opportunity for me to work with how each man was
there and make that a place to be with each of them and that is a real gift"

"There was no bullshit, no pretension, but honesty and there can be a fear to go to the honest place"

"This was the first time with no responsibility except for me and with a bunch of guys, no competition so it was very enjoyable. I have not been so relaxed in a long time"

"I found two fellows who told me things I really needed to hear"


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