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Personal Leadership

Personal leadership groups support men to develop our generative masculinity. Generative masculinity is where we are living our true role in life as men in our communities. It is the ability to provide nurture, leadership and mentoring. Finding our individual way to this requires initiation, nurturing, healing, and maturity. This is best enabled in the company of other men.

 Common Themes in the Personal Leadership work are:

  • How men value themselves and take care of their health
  • Men’s capacity to relate and communicate
  • Men’s right to their emotionality
  • The raising of boys and how we become Men
  • How Men exercise Power
  • Addiction and violence
  • The taboo of touch
  • Masculine generativity

The workshop activities include storytelling, drumming, and personal exploration processes.

Group workshops are offered:

  • for existing groups of men who want to explore more deeply their experience of being male.
  • as a follow up to, or in addition to individual counselling
  • open groups for any men who wish to attend.

                                   NEXT WORKSHOPS: 

                             Saturday December 7th 2013

                             Saturday February 15th 2014.

                        7, Mount Street Crescent Dublin 2.

Tel: 01 2962839 email
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